【Rivista di Estetica】Peng Feng:Significance or Presence: Reconstructing Pluralism from a Confucian Perspective

来源:Rivista di estetica, n.s., n. 72 (3/2019), LIX, pp. 19-29   作者:Peng Feng   时间:2020-02-19


Under the influence of the linguistic turn in philosophy, contemporary Western philosophers typically limit their thinking on pluralism to the realm of language. This sort of pluralism can be named as pluralism of significance. I propose another version of pluralism in light of Confucianism, which extends the concerns from the realm of language to the realm of experience – I call it pluralism of presence. In this article, I first expound the aforementioned two versions of pluralism on the basis of Hans-Georg Moeller’s semiotic trichotomy. I then argue that the conflict between multiculturalism and cultural identity in today’s globalized world and the failure of pluralism of significance in resolving this conflict can be overcome by pluralism of presence. Finally, I show a possibility of reconciliation between pluralism of significance and pluralism of presence.


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  Significance or Presence: Reconstructing Pluralism from a Confucian Perspective

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